Hello hello!

Welcome to my blog. If you’re reading this you must know I’m about to begin another trip, a trip with no end and no plan, one that will take me to new and exciting places and one which will be chock-a-block with stories.

Tonight I’m flying to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and from there will wander around Eastern Europe – Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria and Greece – and the Middle East – Turkey, Israel, Jordan – taking in the sights, sounds and smells and making friends along the way. Since I resigned from my job I have a good, long time for this trip and look forward to the slow moves I will be making in this next year or so.

To keep in touch with friends and family – and anyone else who may be interested in my wanderings – I will be posting stories here. I hope you enjoy them!

While being away on an adventure is fun, I love hearing stories from home so send me your tales too!


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