A most fabulous start

Day one in Budapest, Hungary’s beautiful capital, was all about the good things: walking along the streets in the sunshine, marveling at centuries-old castles and churches, gaping at the view of Buda and Pest divided by the mighty Danube, playing with Hungarian dogs, getting lost, finding a friend and drinking beer, and seeing the night in, and out, with good local wine.











2 responses to “A most fabulous start

  1. Wow Stace! The photos are stunning… I think we’ve found our next trip, but unfortunately my bag won’t be 11kgs. Your blog is awesome. I am so excited to travel along with you through reading your fabulous commentry. I am so proud of you , and am going to boast to all to check out my cousin’s fab blog!! Enjoy! And I look forward to the updates 🙂 lots of love claire

  2. What an amazing town!!!! You must go to The Széchenyi Spa!!! It is paradise!!!! If i were there again that is the first place I would go to!!!!! Do it 😀 It is really cheap for the whole day (R100)

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