Budapest so far


Have I told you that Budapest is a beautiful city? Do I need to? Just look at those Parliamentary buildings!


And those statues at Heroes’ Square



The Museum of Fine Art. And of course no photograph of a must-see spot would be complete without the obligatory tourist!


The Szechenyi Baths are most popular and house a dozen thermal baths and five swimming pools. The opulence of the architecture hints at the grandeur to be had inside. Well, I assume it does anyway. I didn’t have the chance to find out – when I presented myself at the door I was turned away because they were full. Full of tourists! What did I tell you! I would’ve liked a swim, but perhaps it was better to cool myself under a shady tree in City Park than fight for a splash in the overcrowded baths.


Friday night = party night. Dinner turned into drinks which turned into a party at Instant, a ruin bar (more on ruin bars to come later) where I danced like a rockstar, and then walked a gazillion miles to an underground (literally) pub and then a gazillion more miles home. Thank you to my couchsurfng host, and the bunch of csers I met last night for the fun night!


The streets of the 7th District were lined with piles of old furniture and clothes. Twice a year residents leave their old things on the streets for the gypsies to rifle through before the rubbish removal services clear everything away. Pretty freaky to see at 4 in the morning.



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