The House of Terror


Formerly known as the House of Loyalty by the Hungarian Nazis, this museum is housed in the building from where the facist regime, and later the communists operated.

Hungary hasn’t had an easy history and the carefully put together exhibitions tell the story of the country’s occupation by Germany and the Soviet Union, and the subsequent deportation of Jews, imprisonment, intimidation, purges and torture of its citizens and the ruin of Hungary’s economy, up until 1956.

The icy cellars, where “unreliables” were imprisoned and tortured, are a chilling reminder, but the memorials to the victims – alive and dead – are beautiful. Interestingly, the last wall names and shames those involved; the Perpetuators Gallery.


Communist propaganda


2 responses to “The House of Terror

  1. I also visited this museum recently – and found it quite different to representations of Nazi and Soviet eras in Western European museums – it was far less afraid to envelop the visitor in the brutality of the regimes. I loved the creative way many of the sections were displayed, as well as the use of audiovisual media throughout.
    I was also pretty surprised by the amount of WWII footage I’d never seen before – like Hitler parading down the now upmarket Andrassy Ut, and it was particularly confronting to see the city, which I had been walking around for a few days, in that footage.
    On my last night in Budapest, I was chatting to a local (who worked at a uni, not just some random person) who told me (in a nightclub, so it was hard to hear exactly what she was saying) that the ‘House of Terror’ is conservative in its approach toward history. I’m wondering what she meant, and if you encountered any similar sentiment?

  2. Want to trash the marking and get to Hungary asap! Hi darling niece. Will be following you avidly as you make your way through sublime places and spaces and allow us to enter your travel world viewed through your unique perspective. Happy hula-hooping! Love Auntieeeee xxxx

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