A month or so of couches

I’ve been on the road for just over a month now and haven’t yet paid for a place to sleep. Between visiting friends and couchsurfing I’ve always found a place to sleep with good company to boot! Here are some of the places I’ve laid my weary head at night…

Bed 2 in Budapest, Hungary was a wide and comfortable couch owed by Joacim, a Swedish guy living in the city.


This couch in Krakow, Poland was in a cluttered apartment that smelt of cat. That, and the rain, made me move on quickly.


Paulina’s couch became my home a few times on my accidental weekends in Warsaw, Poalnd. Thew view of the leafy treetop was a pleasure to see each sunny morning (or afternoon after all that partying).


In Prague, Czech Republic I slept in the kitchen of a student apartment. I was usually the first one up so it was no hassle.Image

My bed in Vienna, Austria was a welcome sight after each long day, and the view over the park towards the ridge in the north of the city was beautiful.Image


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