Hooping friends

When I decided to bring a hula hoop along with me on this trip I knew it would make me friends along the way. So far everyone I’ve met and stayed with has had a go, and most have really enjoyed it. They’re mostly surprised as its size and how easy it is to hoop, actually.

My hoop has also done almost as much sightseeing as me. It’s danced in parks, strolled down cobbled streets, been a nuisance in a shopping centre, attracted stares on the metro, elbowed tourists on a busy bridge and brought smiles to many faces. Here it is taking a wander along touristy Charles Bridge in Prague with Michal.


And having a small dance in the drizzle in Vienna.


In Vienna two kids caught sight of my hoop’s giant green beauty and we played some fun turning-in-circle games until I got bored and wanted my hoop back.



Thanks for the suggestions for a name for my hoop. I’m still mulling them over, but will pick one very soon.


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