It cannot be coincidence

These last few days have been filled with coincidences which cannot be merely random happenings, but which must be pointing me down a road.

Just before I left for Ozora I bought a ticket to Israel. It took me a long time to make the decision to go there before my European visa is up, but once I had my ticket I met people and heard stories that all pointed me towards Israel.

In another twist I bumped into Mattais, the guy who graciously shared his tent with me at Ozora, at the train station, travelling on the same train as me.I didn’t find him to say goodbye at the festival and thought our Facebook chat would be the end. But as I walked down the platform I saw him again. What are the chances? So we travelled from Budapest into Serbia together.

That wasn’t it though. A South African 50c coin made its way into my wallet and has been travelling with me for no good reason. The girl Mattais was chatting to at the train station, also travelling on the same train, showed us her beautiful drawings and the coins onto which she has painted intricate, finely detailed pictures. Finally my coin had a purpose and I could add to her art collection.

Coincidence? I think not!


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