A holiday from my holiday

While travelling is great fun, being on the move can take it out of you, and sometimes it is necessary to stop for a while. Pancevo, a small city just outside Belgrade, became my accidental holiday spot. I accepted the invitation of a cs host, thinking to stay for the weekend to see Belgrade, drink some beer and move on, but I felt so comfortable at his house that I ended up staying for five days.

Apart from his easy company and the jokes we shared, Denis’ family were so welcoming and generous that I immediately felt at home. It was really good to be in a home again, being taken care of and fed mom-made meals. Add to that 35-39 degree heat and the latest addition to the Humic family, a Husky puppy, and you can see why I enjoyed the couch so much.


Mom-made burek and Aska, the Husky puppy.




Pancevo and some crazy hot temperatures. The signs on the tree are notices of funeral services happening in town.

Those lazy days were perfect, but I did manage to leave the house on small excursions. With some other csers Denis was hosting we visited the Belgrade fortress at sunset, walked through the city’s pedestrian zone to see the old buildings, ate delicious pizza famed for it’s saucy topping from a hole in the wall takeaway place, wandered past Kafanas (traditional Serbian bistros) where live bands serenaded people having dinner and drank Lav (lion) beer at the beer fest under a cloud of dust and to the beats of the best local musicians.






Belgrade fortress at sunset. Old men playing chess.

The pizza slices to end all pizza slices. Delicious but we learnt its a bad idea to eat more than one, unless you want to sleep all night.


Lav (lion) beer for a lion face!

There was also a lot of rakija drinking (I love it. Love it) and some evening bike rides to watch the sun set and enjoy the cooler evenings.



Love rakija! And motorbikes rides. Not at the same time. And yes, Pa, I wore a helmet.


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