Hugs from home

My dad is super awesome. He makes a great cup of tea, and his roast chicken dinners taste of home. He makes sure the sweetie drawer is always full. He dries my tears and listens to me shout, even when it is at him. He is the best handyman In the world. He misses me but only smiles when I tell him I’m going travelling and will be gone for a while. He is that awesome that he, and his lady Margie (who painted this blog’s theme image), flew all the way to Croatia to have a holiday with me! Yes, my Pa is one great man.

Margie found us a very comfortable apartment in a village south of Dubrovnik and we have a week together to see the sights, drink Rooibos tea, take photos, talk about home and have hugs. I love hugs, especially when they come from the people you love.

My Pa and Margie, cameras out in the gusty weather in Cavtat, Croatia.

Pa and Margie also brought me treats from home: Drive Out magazine, my favourite mag Go! (which my dad said he brought to make me miss South Africa and come home soon), the latest editions of Wanted magazine where I used to work, beautiful earrings from my mom, a letter from out helper Norah telling me to come home soon and a bar of Cadburys chocolate. Smiles!

Treats from home.

Stories of our adventures to follow.


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