The last day of summer in Athens


Wherever you look in Athens there is a ruin, a church or a graffiti tag. I spent a few days in the city, enjoying being back in Europe, wondering what demonstrations I was warned to avoid by concerned friends and family, learning the art of making one coffee last for two hours and being not pleasantly surprised by winter. Oh, and I also visited the Acropolis, that ancient marble city on a hill overlooking Athens. My cs host plied me with stories of Socrates and democracy and trials on the steep walk up the hill.





The last day of summer at the Acropolis. After a day of sunshine and that beautiful blue sky, the rain rolled in, bringing cold, grey and rainy days. Good thing I bought a happy colored hoodie to keep me (mostly) warm.





Views over Athens from the Acropolis.

Cutesy Greek tavern.

My cs host and I happened to be walking past Parliament, housed in the old palace building, as the guards changed. The outfits, especially those tassels on their shoes, made me giggle, and the change over involves the guards lifting and kicking out their legs as they march into position.


The graffiti around Athens is mostly tags decorating (or not) walls and buildings and shop fronts. But I did see some stencils with messages to heed.


Poster advertising a strike in the city. The news showed a violent crowd and equally aggressive police force, but all I knew was that there were no metros, trams or busses for two days – on the day I arrived and needed to get into the city from the airport.

  • PS. Like my collages? 🙂
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