Blow wind! Blow!

There is something exhilarating about being on an island in winter. Dry, brown grass and unrelenting wind rushing around corners. Closed up hotels and restaurants. Empty pools and forlorn stretches of pebbled beach. It’s elemental. It’s wild. It’s lonely. And I like it.

Santorini is the place you’re thinking of when you imagine Greek islands decorated with white-walled, blue-shuttered houses, clinging precariously to steep rocky cliffs above the aquamarine Aegean Sea. Except that the bustling summer time villages are now quiet, visited by only a handful of tourists and home to the few locals who stay for the winter months. The silent streets however, only add to the island’s romantic wildness.

The days were sunny, the sky bright and blue, the wind icy, penetrating and laugh-aloud invigorating. Wrapped up to my eyeballs, I stuck in my earphones, blasted some good tunes and spent a few days striding up hills, through vineyards and along ghostly promenades, all while being blasted by a wind that blew away the doubts and fears that came a-creeping in the darkness of night.



Fira Town and the Old Port, Santorini. Tourists from cruise ships arrive to this port and have to walk – or ride a donkey – all the way up that long, steep path to Fira. The ones I saw on a blowsy day were sweating; I can only imagine the exertion of doing that climb in the summer.






Along the road from Karterados to the black sand coast.




Pyrgos village sits atop a hill, the narrow, winding lanes leading up to two blue-domed churches, with unbridled views of the vineyards below.



Grape vines on Santorini are knotted, tough and grow close the ground.



Pebbled beach at Kamari, on the east side of the island.

Travelling on my own can be lonely at times. And the demons know just when to bite. But in the brightness of day, with hours stretching ahead for me to do with exactly as I please and my walking shoes on (and having phoned home for supportive and loving words), I can only smile. Of course, a coffee, taken the long, lazy Greek way, doesn’t do any harm!




3 responses to “Blow wind! Blow!

  1. You are so brave Stacey! I love reading your travel journal and seeing your amazing photos. Stay warm and be happy lots of love Jen

  2. Hi Stacey, I love reading your blogs… I came into the office with my Friday take away coffee and treated myself to your last three posts in a row – my little me-time 🙂
    I love your photographs and seeing parts of the world that I had never even heard of.

    Safe travels and keeping blogging!

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