10 things I miss about home

I’ve been on the road for six months now. Funny how time flies. I’ve seen many beautiful places, made new friends and visited old ones, experienced the kindness and generosity of others, shared stories and laughs and beers, been lost, been hungry, been in love, made plans and changed them, grown a bread belly, gotten a tan, smiled a lot and cried some too, waxed lyrical about the beauty and complications of South Africa and missed home sometimes.

Here are 10 things that I miss about my home.

1. My family and their hugs
2. The easy way my brother makes me laugh
3. Green grass
4. Tea and Ouma rusks
5. After work beers and lazy Sunday breakfasts with my lady friends
6. 702’s Solid Gold weekend radio shows
7. Hitting the highway in my Jetta, windows down and radio blasting
8. The smell of the grass in the Freestate
9. Reading my book in the nick in the garden
10. South Africa’s expansive summer sky

But all these things will be there when I return. Until then there are so many more countries, cities, villages, beaches and mountains to visit, and so many more friends to make and meals to share and buses to catch and stories to create. Thank you to my family for supporting me along this adventure and to my friends for their online loving. I’m not so far away after all.

Still smiling. Ano Doliana, Greece.


4 responses to “10 things I miss about home

  1. You look lovely Stacey โ€“ I cannot believe youโ€™ve been away 6 months already! Yoga classes come to an end on 3rd & 4th December till mid- January. Remember your spot for your mat will always be available, when you ready to return.

    Lots of love


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