Feeling the pulse, feeling the vibe


Istanbul. I am awestruck, overwhelmed, adoring. It’s day two and already I’ve gaped at the bright lights of a city teeming with people, traffic and world class shopping. Ive been mistaken for a street performer, been chatted up by a very tall man dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ve bought an umbrella and sampled a variety of wine, oohed and aahed at the plethora of market stalls, breathed in the waiting-to-be-read smell of new books, grooved on beautiful jazz tunes, found myself walking in circles and eventually my way home, scoffed at a man fondling himself in his car, spent more money than I did all of last week (which isn’t saying much considering my cheapskate ways), seen some of the city’s fine sights and walked my takkies raw.

Day three, what will you bring?






Next installment: bucket loads of pics of some of Istanbul’s top sights.


4 responses to “Feeling the pulse, feeling the vibe

  1. Wonderful memories of our trip (auntie+mummy!). Beautiful sights literally overwhelmed me constantly. Would LOVE to be there with you. xxx

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