Island vibes

It’s been a while since I last posted a story, but, like most of you, I’ve been on holiday, taking it easier than usual and easing my internet addiction.

After our random Thai-style Christmas I convinced my brother and Michelle to cancel their hotel reservation on Ko Samui and spend some days on Ko Phangan, an island popular with backpackers rather than package holiday tourists. My idea was far from a traveller’s desire to see somewhere new. You see, Ko Phangan was my first stop on my trip here two years ago, and I ended up staying on the island for two months. Two months you say! Yes, well, it’s an easy place to stay and one which is very difficult to leave. And after all my time there I had made good friends, and how could I be so close and not visit?

My convincing worked and the three of us headed over to paradise, found some bungalows on a quiet spot of beach in the north of the island and proceeded to slow it all the the way down. Here are some pics of our island holiday.


On Samui we rented a jeep and spent some days getting around the island without fear of being knocked off a scooter on the busy roads.






The high-speed catamaran from Ko Samui to Ko Phangan made the journey in about 40 minutes, and we soon found a pair of bungalows on the quiet side of Mae Haad beach in the north west of the island, the perfect sunset spot.



A friend lives high above the village and has the most spectacular view of the bay, but getting up to his house requires professional off-road biking skills, strong legs, large lungs, sturdy shoes and great determination. The reward is the unbridled view, and a small waterfall and rock pool in the jungle.

We ate some tasty food…



We drank some buckets (well, Jean and Michelle did – I learnt my lesson about cheap Thai alcohol the last time I was here)…

We partied hard. Jean and Mish checked out the craziness of a Full Moon Party and we all danced in the new year…


This is about the best of our new year’s pics because no one could see quite straight and we were all dripping with sweat so it’s better not to share those pics.

And then we chilled out in our hammocks, read our books, drank mango smoothies and watched the sun set over the sea.




Thank you for a most beautiful island holiday Jean and Mish!



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