Saying goodbye: An ode to my green ringed companion


After nine months, two weeks and one day of being my constant companion; of travellng long distances in cramped busses; of seeing the road from the top of a train rack, the back of a motorbike or from across my shoulder; of coming out to play in parks and gardens and lounges, on pavements and beaches, in cities and on mountaintops, with me and with many new friends; of being a conversation starter; of keeping me entertained and in shape (sort of), my fantastalicious – and no longer quite so round – hula hoop has found a new home.

Having seen parts of Europe, the Middle East and South-East Asia, my hula hoop will now join Jose as she continues to Australia and South America before returning home to the Netherlands. I have no doubt they will have much fun together, and make many more friends along the way. I look forward to posting photographs of Jose and her hoop along her journey.

Ah, if hoops could talk…

Jose, my neighbour, yoga friend and newest hooping sister.


3 responses to “Saying goodbye: An ode to my green ringed companion

  1. Yeehhh! I’m loving the hula hooping, I actually took the thing to the yoga studio today for the ‘Art of Play’ class! The ladies at the reception had A LOT of fun with it and so did a few of the other girlies in class including me! 🙂 I also watched some instruction videos on Youtube, so I cant wait to bust some moves in South America in a while! Thanks a million Stacey, I’ll see you Sunday! 😀
    X Jose

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