Bali’s offerings

You can’t get away from religion in Bali – there are temples in every village, shrines on every corner and offerings made outside ever door. The Balinese are Hindus, but Balinese Hinduism is a world away from that of India. The Balinese believe that spirits are everywhere, a sign that animism is the basis of much of their religion. Good spirits dwell in the mountains and bring prosperity to the people, while giants and demons lurk beneath the sea, and bad spirits haunt the woods and desolate beaches. The people live between these two opposites and their rituals strive to maintain a middle ground. Offerings are put out every morning to pay homage to the good spirits and placed on the ground to placate the bad ones.




Thanks to Lonely Planet for the concise info.


One response to “Bali’s offerings

  1. I love the offerings, they are so beautiful! Yesterday they even took ik up a notch and made the biggest, most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen for Nyepi! #balinewyear 🙂

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