A speck in the ocean

In search of white sand beaches and clear blue water, Ivan and I packed our bags for Gili Meno, one of three teeny tiny islands off the north west coast of Lombok. Getting there was an adventure in itself. We opted to take the slow ferry trip, which involved an hour minivan ride from Ubud to the harbour at Padangbai, a five hour journey on a ferry which, despite its large size, pitched and rolled in the high waves, another minivan ride to a town on Lombok where the tour operator tried to convince us that we had to buy a return ticket from him as there we no ticket sellers on Gili Meno (unfortunately for him his lies fell on deaf ears), yet another minivan trip along the increasingly beautiful Lombok coast and finally a boat trip to the islands.

We flew over the sea as the sun was setting through dark thunder clouds and arrived on a soft, sandy beach with water that wants to be floated in. And despite the threatening rainstorm we trooped around the island looking for a perfect place to lay our weary heads after a day of doing very little. We found it, somewhere along the north coast, and then got down to some serious island chilling.





My short stay on Gili Meno fell into an easy routine of reading, eating, burying myself in the sand and surf, maybe going for a walk, reading and eating and eating some more. I do love island vibes!





The island is so small you can walk around it in about 90 minutes (says Lonely Planet) or one and half hours (what Ivan and I think) or four hours (if you stop to take photographs and drink a papaya juice and have chats with the locals along the way). If you’re not too keen on walking though, you can take a ride in a pony-drawn carriage.




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