Shit happens

Trusting other people is a fine line to walk, especially as a security wary South African and as a single traveller. But it’s something I like to do. I prefer to believe in the goodness of people, and that has led to many surprising interactions, most of them with strangers who have taken it upon themselves to look after me: to show me the way somewhere or to take me there, to pay for a bus ticket if I didn’t have enough money, to look after my backapck. Up until now I have only been let down once.

But finally I have been reminded that my trusting ways can end in a sad face. After an incredibly long journey from Bali to the Philippines I arrived in Manila and opened my backpack to pack away my book. The things inside seemed to have been moved around and then I checked the pouch where I keep all my cables and found that my external hard drive had been taken. Someone working in the airport had opened my tied closed backpack, rifled through my bag and taken the only thing of monetary value. That thing though, is worth more than money to me. It has all my photographs from my trip stored on it. Nine and a half months of taking pics of new places and new people and strange and beautiful sights all gone! Gone!

So ja, I did what I could. I filed a report with the airline and with airport security but I have little hope of having my photographs returned to me. Such is life. Lucky I have this blog going so do have some pictures stored on the interweb. And since there’s little I can do, and there is really no point in carrying around bad feelings, I’ve shrugged it off. Oh well. Shit happens. Better to take the lesson, let it go and continue smiling – and believing that people are good. And I suppose it does mean I have one less thing to carry now!

Lesson learnt: cable ties and locks are much more effective at securing my luggage than brightly colored ribbons.



5 responses to “Shit happens

  1. Ah shame Stacey 😦 that’s really aweful! When I was travelling the States I took what I thought was 8 spools (in those days) of fun happy memories….only to go and develope them in the UK and find out that the camera I was using didn’t work properly…..I had nothing. Yes, shit happens.

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