Winding my way home

20130318-181300.jpgMy shoes are walked out. It’s time to go home.

It’s been 10 months of magic: of walking my shoes broken and wearing my clothes to shreds; of striking up conversations with strangers and making new friends; of eating local cuisine, most of it delicious; of watching landscapes pass by from a dusty bus, rickety train or rocking boat; of hiking and diving and hula hooping; of smiling and laughing and sharing hugs; of learning more about the kind of person I want to be and share with the world and liking this me more and more. It’s been an incredible adventure. It’s been a wonderful journey.

After all these months of wandering I am returning home, to my people and my pillow, to tea and rusks on the stoep under the high African sky, to a life both familiar and unchartered. I am returning home with a wealth of stories and, this time, no scars. I am returning home with more connections across the world and promises of “see you soon”. I am returning home to begin an adventure of another kind, and to start saving and planning for the next time I shoulder my backpack and head off to faraway places.

Thank you to all the beautiful people I’ve met along the way. Sharing meals and long bus trips, cheap rooms and cheaper bottles of wine, travel stories and tips and laughs is what makes travelling so special. Thank you for opening your hearts and homes to me. See you soon!

20130318-175530.jpgI’ve been making a kind of scrap book of my travels. There is a page for every place I’ve visited.


4 responses to “Winding my way home

  1. thank you darling that you come to our small place πŸ˜€ it was a pleasure to meet such a wondreful person.
    one big kiss from Slovenian coast πŸ™‚

    • You’re one of the special friends I’m lucky enough to have made! Now it’s your turn to come to my corner of the globe πŸ˜‰

  2. Just the right time to go home to SA and hit AfricaBurn, where I met you almost a year ago πŸ™‚ It has been lovely having you here (one of the only persons that actually show up when they are saying that they are coming to visit) and even better to follow you around the world on your blog! We actually missed each other one time in Romania and then again in Singapore just by a week!!!! This year I won’t have time to visit SA, but who knows whereever I’ll meet you again. Wishing you safe travels home!

  3. Have a wonderful trip home Stacey – I have enjoyed travelling with you and hope to see you on the mat in due course. Lots of love Jen

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