Travelling hoop

Remember I gifted my hula hoop to the wonderful Jose. Well, this lovely lady has embraced the hoop’s playful nature and power to make new friends, and sent me some stories of places she – and the hoop – have visited along the way.


Twelve Apostles, Australia

I have been to Australia and of course the amazing hoop went with me on the trip along the Great Ocean Road!! We have been to the Twelve Apostles together and we had heaps of fun! People who saw the two of us together were all very curious about the “travel hoop” and we got lots of laughs! I told some people about your blog and they all thought it was a brilliant idea to have a travel hoop going around the world!

Iquique, Chile

OMG, I just didnt know what to say, a whole group of gorgeous lifeguards was interested in the hoola! 🙂 And this guy, how handsome is he!! Haha, thanks for the hoola, it DOES get the conversation started whoeehoe! 🙂

I wonder where they will end up next?


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