I am born to backpack

My travel companions in Palawan, Philippines were Alex and Crystal. These two cool cats are on an eighteen month backpacking trip, seeing the world and living out of their packs, but also growing and promoting their business Born to Backpack.

What a perfect name for a company inspired by the journeys of countless travellers. Born to Backpack creates “eco-friendly clothing for the modern day explorer” and its range of T-shirts sports designs that are inspired by, and inspire, travelling. As Alex writes on the website, they make tees that help “tell your story, and that represent your love for world travel and your commitment to mindful consumption”. Nifty huh?

As part of their journey, Alex and Crystal are recording the stories of travellers they meet along their way. They have a whiteboard on which they mark down how many days a backpacker has been travelling, and how many days they plan to travel for, and then take a pic. Here’s one of me, a few days before heading homewards.


The last I heard they had had the obligatory Southeast Asian motorbike accident and were nursing their wounds on the way to Mynmar. Now that I’m home I plan to live vicariously through them, hoping not to get too jealous as they hop from one exciting place to the next, backpacks bulging with goodies and heads overflowing with stories.



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