City cycle

On Friday I joined hundreds of other Joburg cyclists for Critical Mass, a group ride through the city centre at night to create awareness about cycling; to make drivers take notice of cyclists on the roads and to promote the need for cycling infrastructure. So many people turned up, some with their kids, some in fancy dress (there was a group dressed like the Smurfs), some had attached colored lights to their bikes and themselves. There was even a guy pulling a hefty sound system – he said he wanted to provide the party tunes for the night’s ride. It was a pretty magical experience!





The ride started and ended in Braamfontien, handily right outside a bar.

I rode this fabulously girly bike, courtesy of Le Coq Sportif (sometimes, just sometimes, there are perks to working at a magazine). It was great on the flats, but I felt the burn on every incline. The flashing lights were a great touch.


I met up with some friends for the ride and we have have stopped for juice and may have gotten detached from the group and may have ended up cycling around the city by ourselves for a few hours. Not quite the point of Critical Mass, but we did get some cool pics outside Ellis Park Stadium!



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