My great exodus

I’ve always wanted to live in Cape Town. Probably since my first visit as a kid on a family holiday to the Western Cape seaside. More likely since my later visit as a university student tasting the joys of freedom and cheap wine. Definitely since my most recent visit as a returned traveller feeling the itch to be somewhere new. And what a city to call home.

Making the decision to move was surprisingly easy. I didn’t really have a job in Joburg, so I may just as well not really have a job in Cape Town. I have friends here, it’s small enough to cycle around, there’s miles and miles of beach (where you avoid the freezing cold water) and there is that beautiful, big mountain to hike, climb and admire. Ja, it sounded like a pretty good plan to me.

And to my old-time friend Keri, who, after adventuring in the desert in fancy dress with me, heartily agreed with my idea, invited me to live with her and outdid herself in finding us the sweetest apartment in this fine city.

While deciding to move was a pretty simple affair, actually getting here took more work. Keri did all the hard work of finding us a home, signing the lease, packing up her house and arranging the furniture in our new spot. All I did was pack up my things – which amounted to more than the usual backpack size – and hop in the car with my supercool brother and well-worn map book.




Hitting the open road in my fully loaded car.

We drove about 1500km over almost two days, chatting and napping (one of us at a time) and enjoying some spectacular South African scenery. We also saw a real-life cowboy. On a horse. With a lasso. And then a herd of white Springbok. Blew our minds. But back to that scenery.

Prince Albert in the Karoo. Go there. Stay the night and look up at a sky so full of stars you’ll feel giddy from all the twinkles. And then drive the Swartberg Pass. Slowly. With your windows down and your heads stuck out. The towering cliffs with their curving seams of red rock, the dirt road winding higher up through the mountains, and then the sudden change of plant life, the prickly purple fynbos and soaring pathway along the top of the mountains, and yet another epic view as you look down upon a green and yellow patchworked valley make this drive one of my favourites. Better yet with the company I had.




Open-mouthed wonder on the Swartberg Pass.



How cool is this guy!

And then we arrived in Cape Town. The sun was shining and it was warm. We found Keri and our sweet-ass apartment (I’ll have to gush all about it in another post), unpacked, stretched our legs and went to the beach. We went to the beach in our costumes in the middle of winter. Hard life, yes I know. Talk about a most perfect welcome to the city.


Not quite an average winter day: newspapers and bikinis on the beach.

So now I call Cape Town my home. Forward all post to this address.

If you know where this is, come round for tea.

PS. Our apartment is spacious enough for me to hula hoop around the couches – a good way to pass the time on rainy days.



4 responses to “My great exodus

  1. Hi Stace, so excited on your behalf, sounds like a dream come true. Enjoy every moment of a productive yet layed back Cpt life and remember to watch your back and never walk alone. Much love!

  2. I’ll see you when next I visit the family in the Cape. Glad you got down safely with that overloaded car!!

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