Riding pillion through Athens

I do love a long trip on public transport. It usually means an uninterrupted stretch of time during which I can plug in my music, watch the passing scenery and day dream to my heart’s content.

Moving on from Skopelos island in the north to Amaliada in Peloponnese, the region west of Athens, was always going to be a long journey involving at least a ferry trip to the mainland and a bus ride to a bigger city. After cross checking ferry and bus timetables for the most direct route I decided to pass through Athens and visit Kostas, my couchsurfing host on my first visit to Greece and now a solid friend.

On my last trip to Athens Kostas gave me a grand tour, including a visit to the Acropolis. So this time we had all day and night to cruise around the city without an agenda, to walk along the seafront, to eat our dinner time gyros at a viewpoint high above the city lights, to taste honey-sweet loukoumades at a trendy cafe in the centre and to solve the world’s problems over a drawn out cup of tea.


imageimageGraffiti adornes most walls and pavements in Athens, and forms the core personality of some areas. 


Honey and cinnamon loukoumades. 


There is nothing quite as cool as getting around by motorbike, especially while riding behind a bearded Greek guy.


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