Not a usual holiday destination

Georgia is not high up there on a list of places to visit before you die. Not is it entrenched on the backpacker route. And it’s definitely not first in mind when booking a family holiday. But that is exactly where I ended up, having a holiday with my old fogies.


A view to Freedom Square from our apartment, Tbilisi.

A few months ago my mom and her partner Tony packed up their life in South Africa and moved to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to take up a two year teaching contract at the international school. How mad! (I will shares stories of this madness when I visit them in the next while.) We decided to find each other during their school break and since it was a midway meeting point and we don’t need a visa to visit, Georgia was our choice.

Mom and Tony did all the legwork of booking an apartment in the capital Tbilisi, and even came out to meet me at the airport at a ridiculous 4am. Our week together was an easy blend of late mornings and slow wanders around Tbilisi – with me repeating, “what the hell” at the crazy architecture – and a tour eastwards to Batumi on the Black Sea coast.


imageSome of Tbilis’s ultra modern architecture from the Bridge of Peace – my favourite sight – and the cable car up to the old fortress above the city.

imageimageimageMom the navigator and Tony the driver with nerves of steel (I saw some of the most insane overtaking on Georgian roads). We saw snow in the mountains along the way, but enjoyed a week of blue skies and warm days.



imageUplistsikhe, an abandoned town carved into the rocks, outside Gori.


imageBatumi: sea and snow-covered mountains. 


This is a taxi, for real. Clapped out Ladas are still alive and clanking along in Georgia.

imageThe Georgian alphabet – utterly beautiful. 

imageimageMother and daughter on a wander.

And in between all our quality time, I sorted myself out for the winter weather. I now have rainproof boots, thick socks, jeans, ear warmers, gloves and a great, big, furry jacket.

imageTrying on jeans in Tbilis’s market.

imageWinter, you will not defeat me!


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