No more iPad

Bad news. My iPad has been stolen. I could dwell on the upsetting side of this experience but that’s far too blah. Instead I will tell you about all the amazing policemen I met tonight.

The two detectives who were on their way home but stopped to listen to my story, ask questions and then drive me to the right police station, and stay on longer to explain my situation to the officers on duty. I will tell you about the police chief, a man who exudes calm authority, smokes skinny cigarettes and was willing to help me despite the late hour. We didn’t actually speak to each other but he did crack a smile when I said I come from haifayin Afrika. Lieutenant Athur is another of tonight’s heroes. His English is far from smooth but we understood each other just fine. Our conversations extended far beyond the topic of a lost/stolen iPad.

By 1am I was drinking a strong, black coffee in the chief’s “working room”, cracking jokes and correcting Arthur on his pronunciation of ‘theft’. We have made a plan to translate my papers for insurance purposes on Monday morning.

It’s barely about the iPad anymore. In fact, it’s more of a nuisance than anything else. I am taking its loss as an opportunity to travel lighter, ask for directions instead of checking the map and be ever more present. Not having my iPad will make posting stories here a challenge so forgive whatever shape they take from now on.

Karma will get the thief no doubt, but that is not my worry. I have my photographs, my health, friends in the police station and some interesting stories to tell. All is well.


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