Bishkek in pictures

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital, is under snow.

image (18)imageimage (14)

image (9)

image (37)

The best place I visited in Bishkek is Osh Bazaar, a sprawling market housing stalls selling everything you could ever imagine. Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, dried fruit, grains, sweets, spices, tea,cheese, milk,honey, kumis (a local drink of fermented horse milk), bread, fish, sheep meat. And that’s just the food section. Continue through the warren and you will find clothes – winter leggings, fur-lined coats, camo gear – and household goods, kitchenware, bedding, soaps and washing powder, tools, handcrafted felt slippers, shoemakers… it is a barrage to the senses and a veritable one-stop shopping experience.
image (42)image (41)image (40)image (43)image (23)image (24)image (44)image (28)image (25)image (30)image (32)image (27)

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